Organic Sanitary Pads – Trial Pack

Organic Sanitary Pads – Trial Pack

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Lexie offers you a wide range of feminine hygiene products, and you can select them according to your convenience from the whole range. 

A single unit of Sanitary Napkin pack can be customized according to your convenience, the pads are available in Regular and Extra Large(XL) sizes. You can customize your own pack. 

We go with your flow. 

Trial Pack contains 6 Sanitary Napkins (3 XL + 3 Regular) 

XL Pads (340mm) 

  • Long Last Sanitary napkins with ultimate protection  & Flexible Lock wings
  • Prolonged  Heavy flow absorption for Day & Over Night over 9 hours with Long hours clean and dry fit.

Regular (280mm)

  • Regular Pads with Flexible Lock Wings with absorption over 8 hours
  • Quick absorption with Long hours clean and dry fit for Normal blood flow.