Organic Sanitary Napkins

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Box of 15
(7 XL + 8 Regular)

XL Pads

  • Long Last Sanitary napkins with ultimate protection  & Flexible Lock wings
  • Prolonged  Heavy flow absorption for Day & Over Night over 9 hours with Long hours clean and dry fit.


  • Regular Pads with Flexible Lock Wings with absorption over 8 hours
  • Quick absorption with Long hours clean and dry fit for Normal blood flow.
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  • Eco Friendly & Biodegradable
  • No harmful chemicals & No artificial Fragrances
  • Chic Disposables with sanitary napkins easy to carry anywhere
  • Ultra Thin napkins with quick Absorption

3 reviews for Organic Sanitary Napkins

  1. Rasika sawant

    Very soft, comfi.. absolutely no pad rashes.. doesn’t feel like u r wearing one..worth the money.. absolutely loving it..😍

  2. Ritu (verified owner)

    The pad is light weighted and feels so comfortable! There were no stain on my panties which was my major problem using other brand sanitary napkins. I’m pretty satisfied how Lexie has changed my experience with pads.

  3. Yadnyee Nkam

    I am very particular and concerned about the brands of sanitary pad I use. Few of my criteria are – pads should be skin friendly, lesser rashes, lasting longevity (minimum 4-5 hours) and minimal leakage. And I think Lexie suffice and shines in all these categories. There are 3 sizes available and I used them depending on the flow I am experiencing; thus, it gives customization like feel. Apart from its quality I absolutely love the packaging. All the pads are individually packed with disposable packet. Best for travelling and carrying one around easily. I strongly recommend using this product to have a happy period.
    -Yadnyee Nikam
    (A working professional, Traveller and in constant search of better comfortable sanitation products)

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