About Lexie

The world has 7 billion people and it is to nobody's surprise that it is all because of the superpower women possess, keeping the human race alive. We are here to help you to take safe, necessary measures to ensure your comfort through the hustle! Except for the fact that we have a product that is worth your while, we sincerely want to initiate a change and put things in the right direction.         


‘Lexie’ is one of the variations of the name of the Greek
goddess, ‘Alexandra’ which roughly translates to ‘protector of
mankind’. The name symbolizes power and is perfectly in tune
with our philosophy of women empowerment.
We are a brand focused on developing healthcare products
devoted to women. Established in 2018, we have set our eyes on
our goal – which is to revolutionize the way people look at
women’s healthcare. We have adopted a more open, inclusive
and a sensitized approach when it comes to menstruation/
menstrual health which helps us achieve a two-fold purpose.
The first would be to introduce high-quality menstrual health
products and second, to do our bit about sensitizing and raising
awareness of menstruation.
We are currently based in Nagpur but we deliver to various parts
of the country. However, we plan to expand very soon.   


Feminine hygiene has been a topic of concern for
generations. Women either don't have the access to the right
product or they aren't aware of the right product.
Lexie is a figure of sisterhood that wants to bring about a
change. The brand looks forward to adding value to each
individual's life while providing and educating the audience
with the right hygiene products. It wants to prove that comfort
should not be uncomfortable on pockets. With a dream to move
forward and make a difference, Lexie want's to impact as many
lives as they can.