‘Lexie’ is one of the variations of the name of the Greek goddess, ‘Alexandra’ which roughly translates to ‘protector of mankind’. The name symbolizes power and is perfectly in tune with our philosophy of women empowerment.
We are a brand focused on developing healthcare products devoted to women. Established in 2018, we have set our eyes on our goal – which is to revolutionize the way people look at women’s healthcare. We have adopted a more open, inclusive and a sensitized approach when it comes to menstruation/menstrual health which helps us achieve a two-fold purpose. The first would be to introduce high-quality menstrual health products and second, to do our bit about sensitizing and raising awareness of menstruation.
We are currently based in Pune but we deliver to various parts of the country. However, we plan to expand very soon.


Currently, we have only launched our brand of organic sanitary napkins which is only the beginning of a series of healthcare products that we shall introduce in the near future. Keep watching our Instagram page for updates regarding new products!
Our Aim is to create high-quality products, centered around the convenience of women and also to raise awareness about the importance of health and hygiene.

Our Team

Our team is young, enthusiastic and driven!

Kshitij Jane

Founder & CEO

A jovial and optimistic person at heart but also a leader who leads by example. He is the main brains behind the idea of the products and the driving force which fuels our organization.

Divya Anand

Co-founder & Managing Partner

A pillar of support and strength and a person with great vision and determination. She’s a force to be reckoned with.

Zameer & Omkar

Technical Team

Prodigy teammates who replaced their veins with the wires and have dedicated their lives to the machines and software.