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Introduction to LEXIE

What is Lexie, you ask?

The world has 7 billion people and it is to nobody's surprise that it is all because of the super power women possess; keeping the human race alive. We are here to help you to take safe, necessary measures to ensure your comfort through the hustle!

Our Long Term Vision

We believe in taking care of women’s health in the most conscientious & systematic manner which enables them to live a carefree and comfortable period! If you haven’t noticed already, we are extremely passionate about the environment too and want to fight for a better tomorrow for each and everyone of us!

Why choose us?

And even our packaging is environmentally friendly, we use premium quality hard boxes to package our products. LEXIE is Biodegradable & Compostable, using plant-based materials for the leak-proof outer layers of the napkin.

The average conventional sanitary pad contains 3.4 g of plastic. This means that over her lifetime, the average woman will generate 23 kg of plastic from sanitary pads alone. Make a healthy choice right now to take care of yourself and our planet! We have only one of both!!


Regular pads

Light to medium flow


Overnight pads

Heavy flow

( XL 320MM )

The period is one of the most difficult times of the month but that doesn’t mean that we give up and stop moving forward, with LEXIE take a step forward towards your perfect life.

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Women use Lexie

It takes a lot to be one of the most trusted brand on the market. Read more below why users keep coming back over and over again.

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